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jeudi, décembre 15, 2011

Tagged :)

1. I'm 13 years old
2. have a naughty bro
3. addicted of blog
5. like anime
6. like drawing something
7. very busy girl 
8. i'm a little monster
9. have crush on somebody
10. school at 115 junior high school
11. love my parent

1. How many hair do you have on your whole body? (not to be answered seriously)
2. What color is your house's front wall?
3. Have you ever gone to a date?
4. Novels or comics?
5. What stuffs do you like to "hunt" for in the malls?
6. What picture is your cellphone wallpaper? (or if you don't have one, what picture is your computer wallpaper?)
7. What's your favorite Harry Potter character? Why?
8. What thing is on your right side (the closest one)?
9. Do you play piano? If you don't, then what music instrument do you play?
10. How long is your hair?
11. Write at least 300 sentences about your neighborhood. Just kidding, LOL. Why do you think you have to answer these questions? (scratch "because you asked me to" from your list)

1. idk about it
2. bright yellow
3. nope
5. happy house backpack
6. me with my friends
7. sorry, i'm not a Harry Potter's fans
8. my handphone and my notebook
9. yep, for elise - beethoven
10. maybe, above 35 cm
11. because you asked me to and i think it's just for fun

1. what do you think about my blog?
2. do you like manga?
3. addicted of blog or not?
4. do you know me?
5. do you have an annoying story? tell me about it!
6. do you Katy Perry's fans?
7. If you have a crush on somebody, how you feel?
8. who is your idol?
9. do you like japan?
10. jazz or rock?
11. do you have a pets?


5 commentaires:

  1. eh itu question nya baru 10 deh perasaan .-.

  2. Well I think you don't have to write "because you asked me to", but that's fine! LOL it's just for fun anyway..

  3. @mahardini : oiya-_- thanks ya udah di ingetin
    @audrey : ahaha~~ i like your question :D

  4. LOL moga2 gak jadi stres ngejawabin-nya.. :P