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jeudi, juillet 14, 2011

Before i die,i want have those awesome gadgets

hewlo! :face38: when i open my tumblr, i find very awesome gadget! lets chek it now~ ~

Window Phone Concept

aawwww kewren banget kan? i like its thin model :face55: programnya juga bagus bangeeet :face50:

Bio Robot Refrigerator

kereeeeeeeeeeeeen bangeeeeeet :face24: *no comment*

Bracelet Phone

very cool bracelet!!! :face52: i love it


veryveryveryvery cool eBook!!! :face55:

Newspaper of the future

very cool and practical newspaper :face26: hopefully in the future use this newspaper :face40:

Qwerty Keyboard For Iphone

like this! :face5:

Folding-Out Laptop

super cool laptop! love it!!!! :face45:

HP LIM Glass Computer

zuuuuuuuuper cool computer!!!!! :face50:

yup, all of those are zuperduperz cool gadgets :face49: tapi seyangnya belum di Indonesia :face59: hopefully in the future I can have all of those gadgets :face51: see ya!

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