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mercredi, juin 22, 2011

HUT Jakarta

holla! hari ini adalah hari special bagi jakarta karena hari ini adalah HUT Jakarta ke 484 jadi saya intan dwi nuraini (author this blog) want to say....

for you who do not know about Jakarta, I will explain it....

Jakarta is the traditional clothes, so if there are formal events such as marriage should be wearing this traditional clothes

This is a traditional house Jakarta

This is Pencak Silat, one of the activities that people do when there is an event jakarta

This is Rooti Buayaa, one of the special food of Jakarta

I'm so happy because....

#jakarta484 and #welcometoindonesiacesc was trending topic on twitter!!! and...


cukup sekian dari posting ini, i hope you enjoy read and like this posting :)

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