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jeudi, mars 31, 2011


aloha blog! :3 hari ini adalah hari kamis...berarti tinggal 2 hari lagi gw pergi ke singapore :D tapi gw belum belajar sama sekali--_-tadi gw lagi main tumbrl,dan gw melihat ada kutex namanya  " WAH NAILS "

aaaaa pengen deh pake wah nails >< masih banyak lagi kutex yg lain~~ trus ini dia gambar yg gw reblog di tumblr..



…… ohhhhhhh

My brain hurts.


LOL mind fuck.

I am lost.


     Emotions at school.
When you pass by the bitches
When the cute guy at school talks to you
When your teacher’s being an asshole/bitch
When you’re in math class
When your teacher yells at you for getting something wrong
When it’s lunch time
When that one kid in your class tries to back talk you
When people are making racist comments in class
When that one girl thinks she’s hella fly & shit, but really isn’t
When your teacher tells the class you don’t have homework tonight

Best of Patrick Star!

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